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Documentation and insurance


All Spanish citizens and citizens of the European Union need a passport for trips proposed on this website to Russia, China, India, Vietnam and Cambodia. Spanish minors and some citizens of the European Union may also require a passport for Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro (the latter two countries can be visited on trips to Croatia).

For the rest of the trips proposed on this website, Spanish adults can travel with their valid and current ID as long as it has a validity of more than 90 days after the date of entry into Bosnia (on some trips Croatia trips pass through Bosnia). The Spanish authorities advise travel to these countries, as well as Croatia and Montenegro, with passport, because although entry is allowed with DNI National ID, changes may occur at any time.

For Spanish nationals and citizens of the European Union, Panavision Tours will report on requirements of a general nature through the agency making the reservation.

In the case of citizens from other countries outside the European Union, Panavision Tours recommends directly contacting the authorities of the countries included in their trips to learn about requirements concerning the necessary documentation in each case.

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A) Countries that can be travelled to with your DNI National ID

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic (DNI valid for at least 3 months), Slovakia, Romania and Sweden. Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina (DNI valid at least 90 days ), Croatia, Georgia, Iceland (DNI valid for at least 3 months), Liechtenstein, Monaco, Montenegro (up to 30 days stay), Norway, San Marino, Holy See, Serbia and Switzerland.

Spanish authorities recommend travel to these countries as well as Croatia and Montenegro with passport since, although they allow entry with DNI with limitations, changes may occur at any time.


B) Countries that must be traveled to with a passport and, where necessary, with visa

  • Russia: passport and visa: The passport must be valid at least six months from the date of the end of the visa.
  • Turkey: passport / DNI and visa: Spanish citizens can enter or exit Turkey with a passport or DNI valid for six months minimum. A visa must be processed in both cases.
  • Jordan: passport validity minimum six months and visa at border.
  • Israel: Passport validity minimum six months from the expected date of departure from Israel.
  • Jordan: passport validity minimum six months from the expected date of departure and visa.
  • Iran: -passport and visa (it is recommended that it is valid for more than six months at a minimum. Iran does not allow entrance to travelers whose passport or travel document contains a visa or stamp from Israel).
  • Dubai. Passport with minimum six month validity and without a stamp from Israel.
  • India. Passport and visa (six month minimum validity).
  • Sri Lanka passport and electronic visa ) minimum six month validity).
  • China passport and visa (passport six month minimum validity).
  • Japan passport: foreigners over 16 years of age that wish to enter Japan will be subject to a fingerprint check and photographed.
  • Vietnam. passport and visa (passport six months minimum validity).
  • Cambodia: passport and visa (passport six months minimum validity).
  • Ethiopia: passport and visa (passport six months minimum validity).
  • Kenya: passport and visa (passport six months minimum validity).
  • Tanzania: passport and visa ( passport six months minimum validity and at least three pages blank).
  • South Africa passport and visa (passport with minimum 30 day validity after the date of departure from South Africa and two pages minimum blank*see not on requirement for arrival and departure of minors.
  • Special requirements for travel of minors.
  • Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls) passport with minimum validity of six months from the date in which a visa is requested. Show return ticket, passport must be shown to enter Victoria Falls natural park.
  • Zambia (Victoria Falls) passport with minimum validity of six months from the date in which a visa is requested. Show return ticket, passport must be shown to enter Victoria Falls natural park.
  • Botswana passport with minimum validity of six months. For tourist visits under 90 days, Spanish passport holders do not need a visa.
  • Canada: passport.
  • USA: passport beginning 26 October 2004 all travelers, including minors, must carry a mechanically readable passport to take advantage of the visa exemption program.

Furthermore, and depending on the date of the passport‘s issue, there are additional requirements. Thus, if your Spanish passport was issued between 26 October 2005 and 26 October 2006 you should ensure that it contains the digitized photograph on the front page for passport information or an integrated chip from biometric passports. If it was issued after that date it shall have such an integrated chip. Otherwise, you must apply for a visa, even if traveling for tourism or business for less than 90 days.

C) Important notes:

  1. It is the personal and exclusive responsibility of each passenger to travel properly documented, being the passenger‘s responsibility all the consequences of failure to comply with the requirements set by the authorities at each destination.
  2. Remember that each country‘s authorities have the power to refuse entry to anyone under its national laws, in some cases even if passengers carry all proper documentation. The consequences of refusal of entry into the destination by administrative decision shall be borne by the passenger.
  3. The passport must be in perfect condition: the covers must be attached to the book, no pages should be missing, and nothing can be damaged. Authorities in many countries are very strict in applying this regulation, even if the passport photograph is current. Failure to comply with any of these conditions can lead to problems when attempting to leave the country, an administrative penalty or fine, or directly to a border rejection.

    If your passport is in deteriorated conditions, has pages separated from the front or is missing two blank pages, it could cause a problem when entering certain countries, and it is therefore advisable to request a replacement before beginning your trip.
  4. Travelling with minors:

    Travel of and travelling with minors is subject to specific restrictions. Border police, both inside and outside of the Schengen zone, have the specific mandate of paying special attention to minors, regardless of whether they are accompanied..

    The possession of a national identity document by minors does not grant, by itself, authorisation to travel outside of the national territory. To do so, if they travel alone or in the company of others, in addition to the DNI, authorisation of parents or legal guardians will be required through a personal appearance at the police station, civil guard posts, judges, notaries, and city halls.

    It is generally recommended, if the minor is travelling alone, to be accompanied by a sole parent or third parties:
    • Carry express authorisation, where necessary, from the parents, the absent parent or whomever legally exercises parental authority.
    • Carry ordinary travel documents or national identity documents (passport or national identification card, in such a case).
    • Carry documentation that proves the relationship and parental authority depending on the case and destination country, required by border authorities of some countries, such as South African and Botswana.

      ***minors entering South Africa

      Under the new South African immigration regulation, and from June 1, 2015, all minors travelling to or from South Africa should always carry their literal birth certificate (the original without expiration date or certified copy less than three months old). The certificate must be translated into English by a sworn translator or by the embassy/consulate. South African authorities have confirmed to this embassy that, instead of birth certificates, properly stamped, signed and translated Spanish family books will be accepted.
      In addition, if they travel alone, accompanied by just one parent or other adults, they should have authorization for the trip (legal declaration made before a notary or the police, that includes contact information, preferably a telephone number) and a certified copy of the parent or parents‘ passports who are not travelling with the minor. In the same manner, authorization must be translated into English by a sworn translator or by the embassy/consulate.

  5. It is advisable to travel with at least two passport photographs. It is also advisable to carry a copy of your passport and DNI in a separate location, which can facilitate processing if lost.


Panavision Tours gives Travel Assistance Insurance free to all its customers that includes the following services:

Indemnity and insured capital:

Sickness or accident on trip
Medical Assistance- Surgical care in insured processes up to 900€
Repatriation of insured due to illness or accident (1) 100%
Repatriation of body of deceased insured (1) 100%
Repatriation of a companion of the repatriated insured due to illness or death 100%
Individual Accidents
Accidental Death 1.202€
For theft or damage due to accident or fire occurring during transport up to 150€
For definitive loss of checked in luggage up to 150€
Purchase of essential items due to a delay of over 24 hours in the delivery of the checked in luggage 90€

(1) Exclusively the transport means and class established in the Special Conditions.