River Cruises on the Danube

Immerse yourself in the splendor of the Habsburg aboard a riverboat cruise on the Danube with all-inclusive visit to Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade and option to extend to Prague and Berlin.

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We are convinced that, when reading these lines, you come to mind the notes of the famous waltz The Blue Danube , by Johann Strauss. And no wonder, if we consider the beauty and evocative power of cities that bathes the Danube: Linz, Sal

A trip to Austria with our river cruises on the Danube

If you have never visited countless the wonders that Austria has, we invite you to contemplate its landscapes from the Danube. And what better way than booking your place in some of our cruises?

Our incredible itineraries will let you know some of the most captivating cities in the Austrian territory, including Linz, the capital of the State of Upper Austria and Salzburg, a town known worldwide for its elegance and for being the place were Mozart was born.

Although less known than the others, also deserve special attention Melk, which owes its deserved fame to its extraordinary Baroque abbey; Wachau Valley, that displays some of the most evocative landscapes through which the Danube flows or Durnstein, a charming village on the Lower Austria where was imprisoned Richard the Lion Heart.

We can not forget Vienna, its magnificent capital. Heiress imposed extraordinary urban nineteenth century, this city exhibits a constellation of theaters and museums (Wiener Staatsoper, Volkstheater Theather, Gustav Klimt Museum, Museum of Natural History) and a wonderful palatial architecture, not forgetting buildings such as the St. Stephen's Cathedral.

The trip to Prague and Budapest you were expecting

But if Austria has all the ingredients to fall in love, the same could be said of Prague. Despite being away from the River Danube - The Vltavathat is the river that crossing its streets-, some of our

A trip to Budapest (or Germany) unforgettable

Budapest has earned the nickname of the Pearl of the Danube. There you can admire the extraordinary Parliament,the Opera, the Cathedral of San Esteban, the Fishermen's Bastion