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General Conditions


1. Applicable legal regulation for the contract package and acceptance of general conditions..

The contract, which is binding for both parties to the terms set forth therein, is instituted by the clauses in the general conditions published in this brochure, that fulfills and develops applicable Spanish law without contraventions. It is a "combined trip" package with a previously scheduled set of services which are offered at an inclusive price, or projected upon request at an inclusive price. It is considered confirmed, under Civil Code Article 1258, at the time the Agency submits the bonds and/or tickets for services included in the trip, which constitute their written formalization.

The act of acquiring or taking part in any of the trips published in this brochure causes the express acceptance by the consumer of all General Conditions that will be automatically considered included in the contract, without their individual transcription being written on it, except in reference to Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November (BOE 287 from 30.11) and other valid and concordant provisions.

VERY IMPORTANT; the mandatory COMBINED TRIP CONTRACT is available to customers, which we require you to request at the travel agency through which you contracted your trip and protects consumer‘s rights; therefore, if for any reason it is submitted completely filled out, its formalization is requested from the retail Agency in order to prevent eventual cancellation of rights recognised in tourist laws.

The contracting parties expressly submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the Tribunals of the corresponding city of the corporate offices of the Organizer of this Combined Trip contract in order to resolve all differences.

THE ORGANIZATION of these trips has been carried out by CIRCUITOS A FONDO S.A. , C.I.F. A-78939410, with address on calle Goya, nº22 7º-28001 Madrid. CICMA 419.

2. Registrations and refunds.

At the time of registration, 40% of the total trip amount shall be deposited, without any space considered committed to until this deposit has been paid. The remaining 60% must be paid at least seven days before the departure date, and the space will be considered cancelled if this is not done, applying, in such case, the summarized conditions in the cancellations section.

The prices indicated in this brochure are prices that have included indirect taxes on consumption where applicable, that have been calculated based on rates and currency exchange rates prevailing at the date of publication of the brochure (03/01/15) containing the offer that has given rise to this contract packages and/or brochures and offers accepted for the same; they may be reviewed in the event that changes occur in the cost of transport, including the cost of fuel; and in taxes and fees for certain services, and exchange rates applied to the trip.

These changes will be automatically charged to the consumer except where it occurs within 20 days prior to the user‘s departure, which forces the Retail Agency to communicate the change to the consumer, who may cancel the trip, and is entitled to refund their payments.

All refunds that are sent for any reason are always formalized through the Retail Agency where registration had been made, without any refund being made for services not used voluntarily by the consumer.

3. The price of the combined trip includes:

The final full price of each combined trip offered in this brochure appears in each of the trip modalities that is presented in it and appears detailed in the Price per Person box. The price includes:

  1. Departure and return transport when this service is included in the contract.
  2. Lodging in assigned hotels or establishments or similar in case of substitution.
  3. Meal plan according to package contracted; drinks are excluded for all packages, including on trips offered under the category
    of “all included”.
  4. Hotel establishment rates or fees.
  5. Airport taxes and/or rates of departure and return except where indicated as a supplement or to be paid directly by the consumer. As they cannot be quantified definitively until the date of the flight and/or departure and return, since the their exact amount has not been provided to us, the fact is emphasized that the final price of the trip may experience random changes due to specified items, such as transport, including fuel costs, fees and taxes, up to twenty days prior to departure.
  6. Technical support during the trip, when this service is specifically included.
  7. All other services and supplements that are specifically indicated in the corresponding itineraries.
  8. Taxes, Value Added Tax (V.A.T. or I.V.A. in Spanish) General Indirect Canary Islands Tax (known as I.G.I.C in Spanish), etc., when applicable.
  9. Everything specifically described in the offer brochure and/or in the contract

When contracting the combined trip is done as a result of special officers, last minute, or equivalent, at a different price from the one shown in this brochure, it must be understood that services covered are only those that are specifically described in the offer, even when, for general information purposes of the destination, this offer refers to some of the programs described in this brochure.

The only authentic interpretation of services covered in the trip is the one being offered in the trip, which is the one being offered by the Organising Agency, which means that the consumer, if he has any doubts, will need to contact the Agency before starting the trip in order to prevent claims later. As a general rule, a strictly literal criteria must be followed, meaning that what is not specifically described as included in the price of the trip is not included.

4. Our prices do not include.

In general, no service is included that is not expressly stated in the price of the trip in the program and description of each trip;

No drinks of any kind (coffees, wines, spirits, soft drinks, mineral water, etc.), even in the types of accommodation breakfast, half board or full board or "all inclusive" includes; does not include ironing, optional hotel services, including minibar, Pay TV, gym, pool, porter services, telephone, Internet and, in general, all those others than strict accommodation and any other service not specifically listed in "the price of the package includes" section or not specifically detailed record in the program/offer or in the contract. The tour price does not include tips. In the case of cruises these tips are not optional and should be considered as an additional cost of the trip to be paid by the customer on arrival. That amount, fixed before starting the cruise, goes only to service personnel. If breakfast is included, it shall always be considered "continental" type, unless otherwise indicated. Flight times are approximate and not part of the contract, and depend on a third party provider.

Visas are not included in the price in any case; neither are airport, ports, entrance/departure from countries or other fees, which are specified as a supplement to be paid directly by the consumer;

The optional excursions are not part of the contract and hiring on arrival will mean a greater trip cost; their publication in the brochure is merely for informational purposes and the price is expressed as an ”estimate"; therefore, when contracted, variations on costs may occur that modify the estimated price. Such excursions, given their optional nature and not subject to the program/offer under this combined trip contract, are offered to the consumer with their specific conditions and definitive prices independently. Their being carried out is not guaranteed until the time of their purchase.

Airlines generally charge, in the ticket cost, what is called the “fuel fee” (YQ) that, it does not have the character of a rate, affects the price of the trip and represents approximately 40-50% of the flight ticket. Airlines keep this YQ outside of their rate and reserve the right to modify it when there are variations, which could lead to variations in the final price of the package as long as the customer is notified up to 20 days before the trip‘s departure.

5. Hotels.

The quality and content of the services provided by the hotel will be determined by the official tourist category, if any, assigned by the competent body in their country. Given the current legislation in place that establishes only the existence of single and double rooms allowing that in some of the latter, it is always deemed that the use of the third bed is made with the knowledge and consent of the people that are are occupying the room. This tacit estimation derives from the certain circumstance of having been forewarned, as well as the room appearing as triple in all printed books and on tickets and/or final travel documentation. Also in cases of double rooms for use of up to four people when so specified in the program/brochure. Most establishments do not have rooms for three or four beds, with exceptions such as Disneyland, in which case provides such services as double rooms with extra bed, including Turkish, folding or sofa bed types. The regular schedule for check-in and checkout in hotels is based on the first and last service that the user will use. As a general rule, the rooms may be used beginning at 2:00 PM on the day of arrival and must be vacated before noon on the day of departure.

Dining Services. On flights whose arrival at destination is made after noon, the first hotel service (when included in the offer schedule) will be dinner. Similarly, on flights whose arrival at destination is made after 19.00 hours, the first hotel service is accommodation.

6. Supplementary Services.

When users request, after prior payment, supplementary services that cannot be confirmed definitively by the Organising Agency and these cannot be provided, the Organising Agency will not take on more liability than refunding the amount paid for such services, which the user will receive at the end of their trip via the Retail Agency.

7. Luggage.

For all purposes and as road transport is concerned, it is understood that luggage and other personal belongings will be kept with the user, whatever part of the vehicle they are located and to be transported at cost and at the risk of the user without the Organising Agency being bound to respond to the loss, theft, or damage that such belongings may experience during the trip for any reason, including handling hotel / airport transfers or vice versa, where they exist. Users being present in all processes of loading and unloading of baggage is recommended. As for the air, sea or inland waterway transport of luggage, transportation company conditions are applicable, with the passenger ticket being the only binding contract between those companies and the passenger. In the event of damage or loss it is recommended to present a timely claim with the carrier at the time of such occurrence.

8. Special economic conditions for children.

Given the variety of treatment applicable to children, depending on their age, the service provider, and the date of travel, it is recommended to always consult the scope of special conditions that exist and it will be the subject of specific and detailed information at all times. In general, in terms of accommodation, they will apply provided that the child shares the room with two adults.

9. Documentation.

All users, without exception, must carry their valid and proper personal and matching family documentation; whether a passport or DNI National Identification, according to the laws of the country(ies) being visited. Obtaining visas, passports, vaccination certificates, etc. will be users‘ responsibility. If visas are not granted by any Authority due to personal causes related to the user or their entrance into the country is denied due to not meeting its requirements or due to a lack of required documentation, or not holding it, the Organising Agency declines all responsibility for actions of this sort, and any expense that occurs is the responsibility of consumers, with conditions and rules established applying in these circumstances for cancellation or intentional withdrawal of services. Users are also reminded that they must ensure that before beginning the trip, having fulfilled all rules and requirements applicable related to visas in order to be able to enter all countries users will visit without issue.

The user may request the Retail Agency to report on specific documentation needed for the chosen trip, as well as advice on the optional subscription of contract that includes cancellation costs.

10.Cancellations and transfers.

At all times the consumer or user can cancel the services requested and contracted, and is entitled to a refund of the amounts paid, whether the total price or an advance deposit, but must compensate the Agency for the items specified below:

  • A. In the case of individual services: all management fees, plus cancellation fees, if any;
  • B. If combined trips: cancellation fees, plus a penalty consisting of 5% of the total trip price if the withdrawal occurs more than ten and less than fifteen days before the date of commencement of travel; 15% between 3 and 10; and 25% within 48 hours prior to departure. In the case of not showing up at the scheduled time for departure, the user is not entitled to any refund of the amount paid, unless the parties agree otherwise.

    Given the variety of causes and circumstances of possible cancellations of the trip, prior calculation of all is not possible, but it means that in such cases cancellation costs may be passed on, provided they actually occurred, adding them to the management costs that would have been incurred in the damages listed above. As an example, the following fixed cancellation fees are reported:
    1. All airlines transfer 100% of total amount of flights once issued,
    2. 100% Cancellation fees for land travel services.
    3. Total amount of visas processed or being processed.
    4. On tours, hotel transfer cancellation fees of the room and cabin confirmed up to 100% of the rate of the first night, when cancellation is done less than fifteen days prior to trip departure.
    5. For stay programs and river cruises, some establishments and hotel chains as well as shipping companies, cancellation fees are transferred up to 100% of the rate when cancelled less than seven days prior to the reservation date, 75% between seven and ten days, 30% between ten and fifteen days and 15% between fifteen and thirty days.

  • C. All reservations including Disneyland Paris accommodation within the complex will have a €100 per person cancellation fee in addition to the above, regardless of the number of days before departure with which the reservation is cancelled.
  • D. Not appearing at the expected departure time will mean the total loss of the trip.
  • E. In the event that any of the contracted and cancelled services were subject to special economic contracting conditions, such as freight aircrafts or ships, renting apartments, special airplane rates (where guests will be billed 100% of already issued tickets) or lodging, services offered in specific countries, etc., cancellation fees due to withdrawal will be established according to their specific conditions as shown in the brochure included by the offering program that led to this Combined Trip contract.
  • F. Any excursions that are contracted originally as part of the combined trip as well as those that the consumer acquires at destination, will be regulated in terms of cancellation fees due to their specific conditions, and sharing a 100% penalty of their amount if the consumer does not show up.

The amounts of these penalties will be deducted from the deposit paid.

The specific conditions, set for cancellation costs, will be fully applicable independent of whether the cancellation occurred due to force majeur for the consumer.

The combined trip consumer may transfer his reservation to a third person as long as he communicates it in writing 15 days before the date the trip begins.

The transferee will need to meet the same requirements that the transferer did, that are generally required for the combined trip and both will respond jointly to the travel agencies for the payment of the trip price and additional fees of the transfer.

When due to the type of rate or characteristics of the means of transport to be used, or when the characteristics of the services to be carried out by third party providers make transfer completely impossible and are thus reflected in the offering program which is the purpose of this combined trip contract, the organizer and final agent of these shall obtain the transfer.

CANCELLATION FEE.Contracting this coverage shall be done at the time when the reservation of the chosen trip is made, and it will be paid jointly with the amount of this trip. This coverage is applicable to the justified cancellation cases in general, up to eight days before the trip departure.

If the cancellation occurs within 8 calendar days prior to the trip, at the time of requesting its application, it is essential to show coverage of accredited documents of the force majeur that motivate cancellation, medical certificates if sick, hospital stay or death certificate. The cost of airline tickets issued is expressly excluded from coverage.

11. Alterations.

The agency promises to provide its customers with all services contracted through the programs-offer contained in its brochures, under the stipulated conditions and features.

Cases of force majeur are exempt from this obligation, in other words, circumstances other than those that invoke them, that are abnormal or unexpected, whose consequences could not have been avoided in spite of all diligence employed, or sufficient causes, that encompass all events in which the agency, in spite of acting with due forethought and diligence, cannot provide the services contracted for reasons that are not attributable to it, both being understood as according to the law in force.

If it is impossible to provide a service by the Organising agency, after the contract is agreed on and before the trip‘s departure, the consumer shall choose the recision of the contract without penalty or accept a supt. of the contract in which the modifications introduced and their penalty to price is specified, and this decision must be communicated to the agency within three days. Indemnization for breach of the contract may not be requested when this impossibility is motivated by sufficient causes or force majeur, or when the user had accepted the modification of the aforementioned contract.

If for any reason that is not attributable to the consumer or has its justifications in sufficient causes or force majeur, the Organising agency cancels the combined trip after the contract is formalized and before the departure date, the consumer will have the right to another combined trip of the same or superior quality, or the reimbursement of all moneys paid, in the terms established in the previous paragraph, and should communicate his/her decision to the agency within a period of three days. Compensation may not be demanded due to breach of contract when its cancellation occurs due to sufficient reason or force majeur.

If a significant part of the services anticipated are not supplied due to sufficient causes or force majeur, the Organising agency will adopt other adequate solutions for continuation of the combined package without costing anything for the consumer and in this case, will pay this latter person the difference between the expected service offerings and the supplied offerings. If such solutions were not viable or if the consumer were not to accept them for objectively valid reasons, the agency will provide, in all cases, the return trip to the original location through an equivalent transportation method, returning the corresponding proportional amount. In these situations, the consumer may require compensation from the Organising agency due to breach of the contract. This will not be done when sufficient cause or force majeur has occurred.

Services that are not used by the traveler‘s own choice will not be reimbursed.

Any impossibility of providing services or change in their elements (including in price) stated by the Organising agency to the user before agreeing on the contract shall not justify an indemnization request for the agency by the consumer for breach of contract, given that this still has not been agreed upon, marking such modification of the program-offer within the natural process of contract negotiation.

The airport, port or station transfer service to the hotel or other location anticipated in the trip is contracted as a general rule, until one hour after the official time expected for the user‘s departure from them. Therefore, if the arrival of the user in question occurs after this period, even if due to force majeur, the shuttle service may not be offered. If the transfer/assistance of the hotel-airport or vice versa or other similar trips, included in the offer, were not complied with, essentially due to causes outside of the shuttle company or not attributable to the Organizer, it will only reimburse the amount of the alternative transport used by the customer in travel, if the corresponding receipt or invoice is shown.

As a condition for having the departures guaranteed, PANAVISION reserves the right, if the number of travellers is less than 20, to carry out the tour without the technical assistance of the accompanying guide. In this event, management tasks necessary will be performed in the case of there being transportation in coach, so that its driver knows the trip well, and depending on the situation carries out the role of group delegate. In the event that any of the non-guaranteed departures does not reach the minimum of 20 registrations, the trip will be cancelled, and must be communicated to the consumers a minimum of 10 days before departure. For the rest of the non-guaranteed services that are offered, a minimum of 10 people will be required.

12. Liability.

The Organising Travel Agency and the final retailer Retail Agency of the combined trip will respond to the consumer according to its matching obligations in its respective management setting for the combined trip, of the proper compliance of obligations derived from the contract, regardless of whether they should execute themselves or other service providers should and without prejudice to the right of Organisers and Retailers to act against these service providers. For informational purposes, the Organiser states that it assumes the trip‘s organisation and execution role.

When the consumer considers that there has been an “on site” lack or poor execution of contracted services, he should communicate it immediately to the provider of such services and the Organising Agency in order to be able to solve it immediately. If the consumer thinks that the solutions that were arbitrated by the Organising Agency have not been satisfactory, he should complain in writing in a period of one month to be counted from the date of return from the trip before the Organising Agency in question, which will be submitted via the Retail Agency who sold the trip. That, without prejudice to the possible imposition of any other claim that it deems relevant. The period for carrying out actions derived from rights recognised in the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November will be two years, as established in Article 164 or the Law in question.

Regarding the limit of compensation for bodily injury resulting from failure or improper performance of the services included in the combined trip, it will be decided by the provisions of international conventions on the subject. In terms of damage other than personal injury, compensation may never exceed the total price of the initially contracted trip. In any case, the agency responsible for the accommodation, food, transport and other costs that arise as a result of delays in departures or returns of transportation means due to weather, technical issues, strikes, or other types of force majeure.

When the trip takes place in coaches owned or rented by the Organising Agency, if there is an accident, regardless of the country where it occurs, the consumer is expressly subject to laws regarding road accidents in the country where the vehicle is registered, and could be received, in terms of personal injuries, by the insurance according to the corresponding indemnization chart intended for such purposes and in virtue of which, such indemnization would be paid to the stakeholders, beneficiaries, or their legal representatives in the country where the vehicle is registered and precisely in this country‘s legal currency.

For a good start to the trips in which airplanes are used as a means for transport, showing up in the airport a minimum of an hour and a half before the official departure time is requested and please adhere strictly to the specific recommendations set out in the trip‘s documentation for information purposes.

Airlines, sea and overseas travel companies that participate in carrying out the trips offered in this brochure will not be considered responsible of any of the events, omissions, or irregularities that may occur to the traveller during the time that he/she remains outside of the transport methods. The travel contract will constitute the only link that joins the transport company with the consumer or traveller.


This brochure‘s scheduling validity is 03/01/15 to 31/12/15 and is binding to the Organising agency for that period. However, changes for such information will be valid when communicated to the consumer before the contract is entered into; or modifications have been agreed between the contracting parties.

Important notes on cruise ships

– Ship companies whose cruises we offer announce compliance with the regulations on board that are noted in official notices in several languages.

– The right is reserved due to any technical circumstance of sailing, passage of locks, fog, etc., to introduce any change motivated in the itinerary and/or scheduled stopovers. This affects all recreational Cruises published here, their stops and/or visits.

– As a general rule and the R.D.L. and V.R.C. Cruises, smoking is not allowed in the bunks or other closed common areas, except on “ad hoc” tables in the panoramic bar and covered solarium.

– The first day a specific place at a table in the restaurant will be assigned; this assignment is kept during the entire route.

– Daily activities program.

– Any extra service requested (drinks, visits, etc.) may be paid in cash or signed off. When completing the route, the complete invoice of the stay for personal expenses will be expected to be paid.

– Transport of animals is excluded due to special conditions of space on board.

– Sailing through these rivers is highly regulated both internally in terms of safety on board and externally during berth times, access to the Cruise (often through other Cruises), schedules and lock passages, etc.

– Tips are not included; ship companies recommend approximately 6-10 € per person and day. They are picked up in anonymous envelopes the last day of sailing. EDITION DATE: Madrid, 1 MARCH 2015.

NOTES common to all tours:

In exceptional cases, changes of hotels relative to what has been specified for each city and date may take place. PANAVISION TOURS will accept responsibility for offering our esteemed customers another hotel of the same or superior category in the same or similar location.

– Hotels specified are for departures from the first group. When a departure is doubled, hotels will be different (always in the same category or superior) and this will be communicated to passengers before the start of the trip.

A. Coach tours:

  • Passengers with departure from Zaragoza, Lerida, Levante and Catalonia who have chosen full board trips do not have lunch included on the first and last day and Santander, Bilbao, San Sebastian and Pamplona (on tours with the first night in Burdeos).
  • Departures from the Canary Islands (only residents) have one night included in Madrid in AD and the transfer from the airport to the hotel the date of arrival.
  • Incorporations in our tours can be made by coach in the regular line, railway, or the traveller‘s own transport, except in cities in origin and route from the scheduled tour. Transfers in Madrid and Barcelona are not included.

B. Airplane tours:

  • The RRP for tours to Italy in airplane are based on Alitalia flights from Madrid and Barcelona. Check possible Iberia flight supplements and other airlines from these and other cities.
  • The RRP for tours to Paris, the Netherlands flying to Paris, are based on Air France flights from Madrid and Barcelona. Check possible Iberia flight supplements and other airlines from these and other cities.
  • The RRP for tours to Frankfurt, Zurich and Munich are based on Lufthansa flights from Madrid and Barcelona. Check possible Iberia flight supplements and other airlines from these and other cities.
  • The RRP for tours to Prague is based on special flights from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Seville. Check possible supplements and other airlines for Madrid and Barcelona.
  • The RRP for tours to Budapest are based on flights from Swiss Airlines, Lufthansa and Air France from Madrid and Barcelona. Check possible Iberia flight supplements and other airlines from these and other cities.
  • The RRP for tours to Geneva are based on flights from Swiss Airlines from Madrid and Barcelona. Check possible Iberia flight supplements and other airlines from these and other cities.
  • The RRP for tours from Vienna are based on flights from Lufthansa and Iberia from Madrid and Barcelona. Check possible Iberia flight supplements and other airlines from these and other cities.


Documentation for passengers with Spanish nationality: Italy: passport or identity card in force / France: passport or identity card in force / Benelux: passport or identity card in force / Britain: passport or identity card in force / Germany: passport or identity card in force / Czech Republic: passport / Hungary: Valid passport / Austria: passport or identity card in force / Switzerland: passport or identity card in force. / Greece: passport or valid identity card / Poland: passport / Turkey: passport and visa.

  • The discounts are not cumulative, not applicable to special programs.
  • Our rates are valid only for residents of the Canary Islands.
  • Triple rooms have two beds and an extra bed, which is a sofa bed in many hotels.
  • All tours where there are overnight stays in Valencia include in the price is the transfer from the pier to visit the city and also the transfer to the pier the day of arrival after the dinner and it implies a stay in Venice of approximately one hour and a half.
  • In tours with porterage service included, it is only included in cities where there is an overnight stay longer than one night.
  • During periods where there are fairs or Conventions, overnight stays in some cities will change, and will take place in other cities, in cases such as: Cologne, Frankfurt, Milan, Geneva, Munich, etc.