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About us

Panavision TOURS is a tour operator specialising in tours and river cruises around the world. It is a family business founded in 1981 by the Ibáñez brothers Emilio, Alfredo and Fernando.

Panavision TOURS started its journey in 1981 to market the JALTOUR program at the hand of Japan Airlines. During this time, the company came to transport 3,000 passengers a year to China. In 1982, it started operating in Italy, with resounding success, and since 1984 coach circuits have been planned throughout Europe.

Since 1990, the company began to charter its own charter flights, with figures reaching 28 weekly flights from airports in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia and Seville to destinations such as Prague, Rome, Oslo and Budapest.

In recent years, Panavision TOURS has also specialized in River Cruises, chartering ships from the most prestigious ship companies, such as A-Rosa, Viking River Cruises, and Volga Flot. This way of travelling permits passengers to enjoy a comfortable trip, in luxury cruises with exceptional equipment, letting the ship transport them from one city to another.

The company has now become the largest tour operator in Spain for European destinations. Each year over 100,000 passengers trust in Panavision TOURS to enjoy their vacations, thanks in part to the fact that all tour operations are direct, without intermediaries. Proof of this is that Panavision TOURS has operations offices in Rome, Paris, Prague, Geneva, and Oslo, where each year professionals and coaches are included for passenger comfort.

Furthermore, Panavision TOURS has branches in Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona, Valencia, La Coruña and Seville. It is represented in Latin America and Brazil by the most prestigious tour operators.

Trips offered by Panavision TOURS are developed in all corners of Europe: From Italy and the Mediterranean to Scandinavia and of course Central Europe, Paris, the Netherlands and Russia. It also offers tours to Turkey and Middle Eastern regions, such as Jordan, Egypt and Israel. Of course, other countries, such as China, Japan, Vietnam and India and even Canada and the United States are also included in the PANAVISION TOURS catalog.

Our product is intended for the general public with the aim of offering the widest possible set of services with the best value on the market.

The company success lies in the quality standard offered on its tours: Spanish-speaking accompanying guides, carefully selected hotels, a large number of visits per trip and a wide variety of meal choices, among which the All-Inclusive option is emphasised.

Panavision TOURS; way of operating, directly managing the services, lets it have direct control over them and provide customers with the best service and final price for passengers.




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